Alberta Forklift Safety Council

TThe Alberta Forklift Safety Council was started 15 years ago by a small group of experienced tradespeople (mainly Heavy Duty Mechanics) who have worked with heavy equipment their whole careers. Our advantage is our deep knowledge of the mechanics of heavy equipment and a comprehensive understanding of the work situations that surround them. Our experience working with the most skilled operators in Alberta and our thorough familiarity of Alberta OH&S regulations and legislation allow us to build highly relelvant, thought provoking courses.

We are determined to design, build and deliver the best possible safety courses for mobile equipment operators. We succeed in this endeavour due to our dedicated team, each of whom have their valuable skills and contributions. As the equipment in the workplace changes and becomes more advanced, so to do our courses. We feel it is imperative to keep the courses as current as possible so that the information that flows down to you and your staff is as timely and accurate as possible. Many of us here are of Boomer Generation and have witnessed firsthand worksite fatalities. We are determined to prevent the next generations from experiencing the same.

Don't risk an incident, get your staff certified.



Our courses are designed to be very engaging and dynamic, no static power-points or long monotone presentations. Each topic is dynamically designed for emotional impact and to get everyone involved in the discussions. We design courses to include your exact machine and we discuss these specifications and limitations with your group.


Our Instructors are required to act in a positive, professional manner to all. We have a lot of pride in the safety council and our job is to teach safety knowledge effectively to all young and old, men and women, experienced or inexperienced.


The instructors are retired tradespeople who have worked with heavy equipment their whole careers. We know all of the latest design changes and features and we study all of the latest fatalities involving heavy equipment and review them with the class.


When we say we will be there, at your worksite halfway across the province, we will be there. We have not missed one class in 15 years! Who can match that? We are driven to make sure your workers have the safety knowledge to keep them safe.


Safety knowledge does not grow on trees and if you’ve ever read the 768 pages of our current safety code you’ll find its written in legalese, a lawyers language. Well we have interpreted it and will advise you or any of your safety personnel around the topic of heavy equipment safety and the legalities of implementing it.


The demeanor of our courses and instructors is always positive and professional, but not overly polished, as we are blue collar ourselves. Teaching your operators, so they will never forget the importance of safety is when we are truly in our element.