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Al was able to come into our facility and provide training on site to our employees in a timely manner. He is very professional, prepared and personable to deal with. He brings a great amount of knowledge with his background and is able to train through example. I would recommend Al for any Forklift, Hoisting & Rigging or Equipment training you may require.

Brian - General Manager

We have utilized Al numerous times at our site here in Slave Lake facilitating courses ranging from AWP's to Skid Steers and Bucket Loaders. Al always comes fully prepared and does a great job engaging with our employees. Al does extremely well at reading the needs of our more inexperienced workers, and spends longer time with those individuals making our site an even safer place to work. Thank you Al, and we will be seeing you in the near future.

Karolyn - Training Coordinator

Al provided overhead crane training for my company and was very thorough on all safety concerns with crane operations and procedures. His classroom training was very easy to understand and practical training and mentoring was exceptional. I would recommend Al for any of your training needs.

Wendy - General Manager

We had contracted Al to come in and instruct our shop employees on the safe operation of forklifts. He was very accommodating when it came to scheduling him in. With very little notice we could call Al and he would set up a class time that worked for us making him invaluable to our Company. If we are ever in need of Al's services we will most definitely be calling him back.

Kathy - Recruitment Specialist

Al came to our facility 3 times already and will be doing so again this summer. He has always been a delight to have training my crewmen, he is professional and has a sense of humor to keep the environment enjoyable. I would refer him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable operator that also knows the mechanics of it all.

Rob - Plant Supervisor

About Us

Who We Are

The Alberta Forklift Safety Council started 15 years ago as a passion project originally offering only forklift certification training. Fast forward to today and we now offer 9 different safety courses which are backed by instructors with over 80 years of combined mechanical experience and 30 years of combined experience providing on-site safety training programs.

Our History

We have been providing professional on-site safety training and certification programs out of the Edmonton Area for 15 years, servicing all of Alberta and even into the Arctic. We train 1200 operators annually and pride ourselves on not having had a single negative incident during our 15 years of operation.

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Our courses are designed to be very engaging and dynamic, no static power-points or long monotone presentations. Each topic is dynamically designed for emotional impact and to get everyone involved in the discussions. We design courses to include your exact machine and we discuss these specifications and limitations with your group.


Our Instructors are required to act in a positive, professional manner to all. We have a lot of pride in the safety council and our job is to teach safety knowledge effectively to all young and old, men and women, experienced or inexperienced.


The instructors are retired tradespeople who have worked with heavy equipment their whole careers. We know all of the latest design changes and features and we study all of the latest fatalities involving heavy equipment and review them with the class.


When we say we will be there, at your worksite halfway across the province, we will be there. We have not missed one class in 15 years! Who can match that? We are driven to make sure your workers have the safety knowledge to keep them safe.


Safety knowledge does not grow on trees and if you’ve ever read the 768 pages of our current safety code you’ll find its written in legalese, a lawyers language. Well we have interpreted it and will advise you or any of your safety personnel around the topic of heavy equipment safety and the legalities of implementing it.


The demeanor of our courses and instructors is always positive and professional, but not overly polished, as we are blue collar ourselves. Teaching your operators, so they will never forget the importance of safety is when we are truly in our element.

Important Facts

Number of years certification is valid
Size of penalty for failing to wear seatbelt on equipment
Maximum penalty for safety non-compliance
Workplace fatalities Alberta 2014

OH&S Regulations

What Employers and Employees Need to Know

Section 15
Safety Training

Employers must ensure that their workers are trained in the safe operation of the equipment that the workers are required to operate.

An employer must ensure that the training includes the following :

  • The selection of the appropriate equipment.
  • The limitations of the equipment.
  • An operator’s pre‑use inspection.
  • The use of the equipment.
  • The operator skills required by the manufacturer’s specifications for the equipment.
  • The basic mechanical and maintenance requirements of the equipment.
  • Loading and unloading the equipment if doing so is a job requirement.
  • The hazards specific to the operation of the equipment at the work site.

Section 14
Duties of Workers

A worker who is not competent to perform work that may endanger the worker or others must not perform the work except under the direct supervision of a worker who is competent to perform the work.

A worker must immediately report to the employer equipment that :

  • Is in a condition that will compromise the health or safety of workers using or transporting.
  • Will not perform the function for which it is intended or was designed.
  • Is not strong enough for its purpose.
  • Has an obvious defect.

Section 12

An employer must ensure that all equipment used at a work site :

  • Is maintained in a condition that will not compromise the health or safety of workers using or transporting it.
  • Will safely perform the function for which it is intended or was designed.
  • Is of adequate strength for its purpose.
  • Is free from obvious defects.

If a worker is required under the Act, the regulations or the adopted code to use or wear specific equipment, the employer must ensure that the worker uses or wears the equipment at the work site.

Don't risk an incident, get your operators certified.

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