This is a complementary short course for all Boom Lift and Scissor lift Operators, and is mandatory for personnel working at heights above 3 meters. Fall protection equipment regulation, inspection and equipment selection along with core fundamentals are covered in this course. Participants must write a comprehensive written exam to acquire fall arrest certification.

  • Fall Arrest Certification
  • Fall Arrest Certification
  • Fall Arrest Certification

Course Outline

This course covers the basic apsects of fall protection systems for individuals working at heights greater than 3 meters.

Topics Covered

  • OHS Regulations
  • Fall Protection Fundamentals
  • Fall Arrest Components
  • Full Body Harness Inspection / Selection
  • Fall Clearance Forces / Calculations
  • Fall Arrest Forces
  • Equipment Inspection After a Fall


This basic fall arrest course is offered in conjunction with our scissor and boom lift courses.